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The current and planned work is based on engagements with stakeholders during two reconnaissance missions to Addis Ababa. During the missions, in depth consultations took place with various departments in the City Administration as well as with a number of key stakeholders.

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  • 4 million estimated population
  • 40% of growth is due to rural-urban migration
  • 80% of housing is classified as informal
  • Addis has many urban rivers that flow through the city
  • Over a third of the total solid waste in the city is not collected and is often dumped in open spaces and rivers
  • Discharge into rivers by industry is a critical issue
  • Access to rivers is limited due to residential settlements occupying riversides

Oval 377 Created with Sketch Beta. 2016 Achievements

Urban natural asset mapping: As part of the EO4CBI project (lead by Space4environment), remote sensed satellite data was produced. The data produced included:

  • Natural areas
  • Connectivity to natural areas
  • Percentage permeable surfaces
  • Percentage tree cover density

Oval 377 Created with Sketch Beta. 2017 Outputs

Capacity building workshop: ICLEI Africa is currently developing a Sustainable River Based Urban Planning Guideline document as well as a case study document. Principles, tools and strategies outlined in these documents will be disseminated in a capacity building workshop. The content of the workshop will include: 1) how to design for riversides 2) how to integrate land-use planning with planning for rivers and 3) how to proactively and reactively deal with environmental challenges currently facing Addis Ababa. The workshop will cater to government officials working in land use planning, urban planning and in the environmental departments.

Minecraft workshop: Minecraft, the second best-selling video game of all time, is being used by UN-Habitat as a means of engaging community members to design public open spaces.  In July 2017, a number of stakeholders, including government officials, members of the neighbouring community and NGO’s, will use the Minecraft tool to collaboratively design a public open space next to a river. The Minecraft workshop will take place over four days and will engage with best practice principles for designing riversides. A portion of the design coming out of the workshop will then be implemented in a pilot project in 2017.

A monitoring, evaluation and learning framework has been developed to capture these activities and facilitate lesson sharing.

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