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Due to the significant amount of nature-based work being conducted in Dar es Salaam, we have aimed to ensure that all project activities align with existing work and contribute to improved co-ordination and up-scaling in the city.

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  • Current population is 4.4 million with an estimated annual growth rate of 6.5%.
  • The urban population is expected to increase by 61.5 million between 2010 and 20502.
  • The main rivers in Dar es Salaam are the Mpiji, Msimbazi, Kizinga and Mzinga Rivers.
  • Challenges related to solid waste and sewerage management, storm water drainage and urban expansion are the main contributors to river degradation.
  • Many residents are located within flood plains and therefore flooding is a frequent problem.



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In collaboration with ICLEI’s INTERACT-Bio project, UNA Rivers is currently developing a coordination matrix which aims to house information on all organisations in Dar es Salaam that are currently undertaking work relating to natural assets.

ICLEI engaged with the city’s master planning process by presenting recommendations for city planning to the Master Plan Committee. This included linking the Committee to important stakeholders and providing much needed information on the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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The guideline, which aims to address the fundamental questions of HOW and WHY to plan for rivers in African cities, was presented to a range of stakeholders during two project trips, with their inputs and comments influencing the guidelines development. A variety of entry points for mainstreaming of the guidelines into city level planning and implementation are being explored.

A desktop study was initiated to compile existing and available natural asset data into a single database. The research included a preliminary analysis of the current state of natural assets identified in Dar es Salaam. The information (including GIS data) gathered can be used in the city’s planning processes.

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