Knowledge synthesis and transfer through thematic maps for identifying important green areas and societal dependence on them.

A thematic atlas was jointly developed by Dar es Salaam experts and an international project team. It responds to a demand by the city council to show in maps which urban ecosystems provide which benefits to the region. Thematic maps describe various pressing challenges to urban sustainability. Maps are a well-suited vehicle for the condensation, analysis and communication of complex information. The atlas combines disperse environmental and socio-economic data. It delivers a suite of powerful arguments and spatial orientation for taking better care of the region’s rapidly decreasing natural habitats. Through the partnering with further experts and initiatives, as well as extensive reviews of scientific literature, a coupling of experience-based knowledge with scientific evidence was achieved.

Compiled by: Raphael Karutz (UFZ). Reviewed by Augustin Berghöfer (UFZ). 2018.
The atlas was produced as part of our INTERACT-Bio project and provided the information for the below illustration of Dar es Salaam.

Download the above poster here.

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