An Ecological Diverse Holy Land

Trapped between busy roads, housing developments and a modern super-highway, the City of Jerusalem is not just a holy land but also a land of incredible natural wonders with beautiful landscapes and an abundance of plants an animal that thrive these landscapes. A rich wildlife habitat flourishes right in the midst of the urban heartland including a population of gazelles that depend on the local natural vegetation and landscape. Its rugged terrain and varied landscape, characterised by mountains and valleys, allow for a survival of a variety of flora species which form a beautiful forest around this City. The beautiful landscapes of the City of Jerusalem are not only a refuge for fauna and flora diversity, but also provide a tranquil environment and an escape from the buzzing city life for its inhabitants.
Like many cities, the impacts of urbanisation have taken a toll on the natural recourses that thrive in the cities highland forests. The rapid urban developments, coupled with the high rates of population growth which the City has experienced recently has contributed not only to the loss of natural resources but also to the expansion of the city there by encroaching on much of the cities pristine forest land and reducing the area of forest that currently exist.

Biodiversity Conservation

Threatened by massive development plans, Jerusalem is continuously finding innovative ways to manage its natural resources. As part of its urban biodiversity management strategy, the City of Jerusalem has developed a plan for the comprehensive management of local urban nature sites, in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature, and other local stakeholders.
The City of Jerusalem has recently designated an urban nature park to be preserved as a local model of sustainable development which serves to strengthen the surrounding urban development. The City of Jerusalem has also declared the Gazelle Valley Park development program its legacy project and will lead efforts to protect and restore the site’s unique biodiversity. The city of Jerusalem has also advanced the detailed planning for designating a valley nature reserve. The city aims to establish Sustainable planning guidelines for the valley in order to begin the restoration process of the city’s distinctive urban ecosystem and assure the protection of its ancient biodiversity assets.

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