Located in: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

LALI is a transdisiplinar partnership (ONG) to carry out the activities identified by the Iniciativa Latinoamericana del Paisaje as described in the Medellin LALI Declaration signed by the partners the 19th October, 2012

The Latin American Landscape Initiative (LALI) is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles to promote the recognition, valuation, protection, management, and sustainable planning of Latin American landscapes by means of the adoption of agreements (laws-accords-decrees-regulations) that recognize local, regional, and national diversity and values, tangible so much as intangible, of landscape, as well as principles and processes to safeguard it.

The following principles governing the initiative:
– Landscape is a fundamental component of natural and cultural patrimony that contributes to the well-being of the human beings, happiness, formation of local cultures, and consolidation of national identity.
– Landscape is a fundamental agent in the preservation of ways of life and in a sense of belonging.
– Landscape plays an important role in the general interest which constitutes a favorable resource for the generation of employment and the creation of new technologies.
– Landscape, in its integral vision, participates in the general mission of achieving sustainability and is intrinsically bound to climatic change.
– Landscape does not recognize borders and is a complex integrator between bordering countries.
– Landscape vision plays a contribution towards safeguarding the viability of the natural environment, nature based solutions, aiming for developing and maintaining a humane built environment in cities, towns and villages

The signatories of the LALI, in shared agreement, recognize that landscape is:
1) An exceptional, fragile and transitory resource.
2) The crucible of the intangible of Latin American communities.
3) A cultural, social and environmental asset that represents integration and communication with the past of our towns and defines its evolution.
4) A reference value and control of transformation by its association with the ancestral, collective memory and the cultural, natural and symbolic meaning that it contains.
5) A right that all the human beings should be able to enjoy, the enjoyment of which generates commitments and responsibilities.

In this framework, the Latin American signatories commit to develop and to put in practice the proposals subject to the initiative. We declare our responsibility in leading the planning, design, and the administration of the landscape under principles, objectives, fields of action, and challenges.

Landscape, by its holistic character, integral and integrating, has impact and is affected by the majority of human activities under the sky. LALI aims to bring the knowledge of natural sciences, environmental law and planning policy. And seek to create happiness with comprehensible approaches, protecting and enhancing not only the memorable but the everyday and neglected landscapes and townscapes. It is rooted in an understanding of how the environment works and what makes each place unique.
– Planning and improvement of the Everyday Landscape, securing growth and regeneration
– Protecting the heritage: respecting character and identity
– Working with nature based solution (NBS): responding to Climate Change
– Promoting Resilient Landscapes
– Stimulating Sustainable Transportation and Public infrastructure
– Improving, Increasing Water and Energy Efficiency
– Healthy and Livable Communities
– Inspiring civic pride: creating beauty and diversity
– Agricultural activities and rural development

Web Site: http://lali-iniciativa.org/
Address: Complejo Empresarial Centro Chia
Oficina 424 CHIA

Head of Organisation
Martha FAJARDO Founder and Chair
Email: mfajardo@lali-iniciativa.org

Contact persons
Name: Claudia MISTELI
Position: LALI Communication chair
Email: cmisteli@lali-iniciativa.org

Name: Diana WIESNER
Position: LALI Socivil Chair
Email: dianawiesner@dianawiesner.com

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Case study:
LALI SOCIVIL/ NETWORK OF LATIN AMERICAN CIVIL SOCIETY LANDSCAPES INITIATIVES supported by Fundación Cerros de Bogota, is developing a network of experiences working in favour of the defence of natural components, such as mountains, rivers, wetlands, biodiversity corridors, where groups/organizations that belong to the civil society are dedicated to the protection and care of natural elements in Latin America.

The objective of this project is to create an interactive map with concrete actions and contact information to enable us to generate these joint strategies and share with all partners and finally with other organizations around the world.
These can be seen at the www.lali-iniciativa.org www.cerrosdebogota.org www.facebook.com/laliniciativa

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