Xtremas’ mission focuses on three main areas. Those are the environment/ecology, sports/recreation and arts/culture. Their vision is to help organizations and businesses to become more environmentally and socially responsible while at the same time ensuring that projects and programs remain ecologically beneficial, socially responsible and financially sustainable.

Main focus areas breakdown:

Environmental Legislation advising at Congress of Costa Rica
Environmental Leadership-Team Building workshops
Eco volunteering (ex: Radio show “Mundo Verde con Saadita Power”)
Project “Regala un Árbol” which aims to promote ecosystem restoration where the key beneficiaries are rural families
Program S.O.S. Tortugas: to help save sea turtles from extinction
Program Indigenous Expedition: Teaching skills and fixing typical structures
Program “Adopte un Río” to promote community recycling, cleaning activities, river monitoring for quality of water

Program CHICAS XTREMAS to promote adventure sports (non GEI emitting) among women
Scientific Mountaineering: teaching basic mountaineering and research skills to assist in field studies

Mayan Chamanic indigenous ceremonies
Artistic productions (oil, murals, workshops for kids, and other techniques etc.)
Multimedia/Graphic design workshops
Proyecto Mucuabás (in the Venezuelan Andes, farm restoration)

For a list of case studies visit http://www.xtremas.org

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