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The projects aims at improving the conditions of local governments to conserve biodiversity through the effective and equitable management of protected areas and other area-based conservation measures.

The project combines a multi-scale and programmatic approach. Therefore, it focuses on strengthening local level capacities and governance as well as the role of local governments in the effective management of protected areas and other area-based conservation measures within the four countries’ institutional and legal frameworks. Furthermore, benefits and challenges are disseminated at the local, subnational, national and international level.

The project builds on existing initiatives, benefitting from their experiences to develop instruments, tools and capacities in the following areas:

Enhancing local level capacities and governance:

Develop and enhance capacities by systematization and sharing of lessons learned and existing tools (management, financing), organize workshops and create multiplying structures, as well as elaborate and adapt training tools. Support local governments in the development of Local Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans with regard to local protected areas.

Promote the role’s of local governments recognition under the legal or institutional framework:

Research, systematize and make available the current status of protected areas managed by local governments and facilitate exchange between the partner countries. Support the translation of the project outputs into policy recommendation.

Disseminate the benefits of local protected areas and other local area-based conservation measures, as well as challenges of their management:

Develop and implement a communication and awareness strategy, disseminate options and lessons learned in events and fora in different levels. Design a strategic capacity building programme, enhance the international database on protected areas with quantitative data.

In May 2017, ICLEI co-organized with GIZ and IUCN an international conference in Sao Paulo that marked the launch of the initiative and the beginning of a one-week workshop with representatives from the four South American countries involved in the project.

Implementing Partners: GIZ, IUCN and ICLEI

Financial support:  IKI, BMUB

Countries Involved: Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Project duration: Four years – December 2016 to December 2019

For more information, please contact ICLEI South America.

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