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  • Kisuma means “a place where people meet to exchange goods”
  • Kisumu is an inland port city on Lake Victora
  • Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya

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In June 2019 ICLEI, the City of Kisumu and the Kisumu County Government met in Kisumu to launch the Urban Natural Assets (UNA) Project in Kenya. The meetings focussed on formulating the approach for the project in Kisumu and technical discussions for the forthcoming walking workshop to be held in August 2019.

ICLEI in partnership with the City of Kisumu, Kisumu County Government and partners hosted a walking workshop in the City of Kisumu from 20-22 August 2019. The walking workshop is an approach to amplify creativity and inspiration between participants and promote creation of innovative nature-based solutions, knowledge exchange and the formulation of strategic alliances. It focused on the transfer of skills through horizontal leaning and collective action in an atypical conference style and field base format with participation of a diverse set of stakeholders. The workshop focused on specific points within the urban landscape, generating innovative solutions to local needs and challenges.

One of the specific entry points was urban tinkering which is centred on a mode of operation, encompassing, policy, planning and management processes, that seeks to transform the use of existing and design of new urban systems in ways that diversify their functions, anticipate new uses and enhance adaptability, to better meet the social, economic and ecological needs of cities (Elmqvist et al. 2018).

See the Urban Tinkering Walking Workshop in Kisumu – principles & approaches for co-creating solutions video here.

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