The Urban Natural Assets for Africa programme is implemented by ICLEI’s Cities Biodiversity Center. This cutting edge programme is designed to support the daily challenges that local governments in Africa experience around protecting and revitalising their urban natural assets through transforming development trajectories in African cities towards those that improve sustainable development of, and interconnectedness with, their surrounding natural systems. This will be achieved through three interlinked urban pillars (governance, planning and finance) and through building urban resilience, sufficient agency and momentum for an unfolding process of transformative change.

To date, the UNA programme supports four flagship projects; Urban Natural Assets for Africa (UNA Africa), Urban Natural Assets: Rivers for Life (UNA Rivers), Urban Natural Assets: Coasts for Life (UNA Coasts) and Urban Natural Assets: Resilience and Restoration for Life (UNA Resilience). The fourth project, UNA Resilience, is currently underway from 2021-2024.

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