The key role of subnational and local governments in the
Global Biodiversity Framework implementation

Join us at ICLEI’s Cities Biodiversity Center webinar series, to explore the key role of subnational and local governments in the implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

Considering the role of subnational and local governments was a “game changer” at COP15 in Montreal in December 2022, it is important to keep momentum while focusing on strategies for the implementation of the GBF.

ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Centre (CBC), will host and lead a series of six webinars, with the support from partners: Committee of the Regions, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations Environment Programme, and Regions4, with the purpose of opening a space for knowledge building and sharing on biodiversity issues towards COP16 in Cali, Colombia in 2024, and to ultimately to reach the 2030 targets and 2050 goals.

Each online session will include inspiring and informative presentations and panel discussions from experts and political leaders. The webinars allow sharing tools, resources and/or best practices.

Part 2

28 June 2024

Harnessing local solutions for biodiversity: insights from recent global dialogues on nature, water and plastic

Unlock the power of local insights! Join experts as they discuss the critical role of subnational and local governments in implementing the Global Biodiversity Framework, drawing from insights from recent events like the Oceans Conference and Plastics Treaty INC-4 Meeting. Discover how collaboration at the grassroots level can translate international commitments into impactful actions, from coastal management to plastic pollution reduction.

Dots 3

28 August 2024

Countdown to Cali COP16: the participation of regions and cities

Gear up for the Countdown to Cali COP16! Explore how regions and cities are taking the lead in biodiversity action. Join the discussion on their crucial role in shaping policies and making real change happen at COP16. Get ready to dive into the dynamic contributions of local leaders towards a future where urbanization coexists with nature in harmony.

Part 2

28 March 2024

Connecting for change: Amplifying the role of cities and regions in achieving global biodiversity and climate goals

Dive into local solutions for global challenges! Learn how cities and regions play a pivotal role in policy implementation, from NBSAPs to NDCs, and how their monitoring and reporting systems are essential for global action on biodiversity and climate. Join us to explore the vital contribution of subnational governments, and CitiesWithNature and RegionsWithNature, bridging gaps from COP28 to COP16 for impactful policy action.

Part 1

25 May 2023

Raising Ambition: the importance of subnational and local governments to reach the 30×30 targets for restoration and conservation

Dots 3

20 July 2023

Target 12: connecting the dots between nature, urbanization, and health

Dots 3

7 September 2023

Scaling up finance for biodiversity: the key role of cities and regions

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