The World Wetlands Day 2018 theme is wetlands for a sustainable urban future. Urban wetlands are important for human well-being because they make cities more liveable.

“Urban wetlands help to make cities and their surrounding regions liveable and resilient, and protecting and restoring these valuable ecosystems is essential to ensuring a sustainable urban future. ICLEI works with cities and subnational governments across the globe to integrate nature-based solutions into their core functions, with gains for both biodiversity and our growing urban communities.”

~ Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary-General


Read more about World Wetlands Day on Ramsar’s site here.

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Watch a short video, prepared by Ramsar, on the importance of wetlands in our cities below.

Watch the kids of Nolufefe Primary School talk to our LAB: Wetlands SA project team about why wetlands are important to them:

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