Cities and regions connecting for migratory species

In the wake of the realities laid out in the first-ever State of the World’s Migratory Species report, as well as new findings highlighting how climate change is impacting migratory species, this initiative will support cities and regions as they take action to conserve  these vulnerable species and their migratory journeys.

The two greatest threats to migratory species are overexploitation and habitat loss due to human activity.

The success of these migratory journeys depend on suitable habitats at each end of the migration routes, as well as suitable conditions and habitats en route. Journeys for Life will establish a platform for cities that are located along migratory routes of certain species, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources and best practices, in support of the objectives and implementation of the Convention on Migratory Species.

Raising awareness among local and subnational governments on the importance of migratory species and how their actions can support the objectives of the CMS, the initiative will:


foster collaboration to enhance ecological connectivity,


promote habitat restoration and protection, and


encourage the consideration of migratory species in planning frameworks.

In announcing this exciting new initiative, ICLEI issued an open call inviting cities and regions to share their interest in being part of Journeys for Life.

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